Parental Involvement

Parents are most welcome and encouraged to participate in school activities. Many of our programs such as Library, Reading, Writing and excursions rely on the assistance of parents.

If parents are able to assist in any way, please contact their child's teacher.  All volunteers at St. Michael’s are required to attend a volunteers session, prior to volunteering in the school.  This can be organised by contacting the school office.  Parents who assist in any capacity within the life of the school must have a Working with Children Accreditation Card. This card must be presented at the school office so that a copy can be filed.

Class Parents



  • Be a communication point with regard to social events at school - personally invite parents to come to events, especially those concerned about not knowing anyone.
  • Encourage a friendly atmosphere - help all parents to feel comfortable and part of the school by communication and social interaction (taking special responsibility to welcome new parents/children) to encourage a sense of belonging to the Parish Community.
  • Assist teachers where necessary i.e. If after a notice has been sent out, the teacher requires more help with classroom programs/excursions, class parents can then approach parents personally.
  • Be aware of sickness/special needs within family/classroom - offer and initiate support e.g. Organising children’s lunches or call on School Community for casseroles. Sending a card for special events such as birth and bereavement.
  • Create more enthusiasm for involvement within the school - socially, working bees, classroom involvement where teachers require parental support e.g. reading, P.M.P., craft, excursions.
  • Involvement with the Parents’ Auxiliary, therefore, allowing for feedback to school as a whole.