Our Community

At St. Michael’s Catholic Primary School, we believe in:

A genuine partnership between the school, parents, parish and wider community to achieve optimal learning for all.  We have a strong sense of community at St. Michael’s and are very fortunate to have an active Parent Committee and School Board.

St. Michael's Primary School Board

The School Board is representative of the Faith community of St Michael’s Parish. The Board exercises governance of the School, for the well-being of students, on behalf of its community. The School Board exists to formulate policies to fulfil the obligations of the Constitution. In a particular way the Board exists to support the staff of the School in implementing the Vision of the community for the School.
The Board acts as an advisory body to the Parish Priest and Principal on matters concerning education in the school and promotes community development by fostering relationships between parish, school and the local community.
The Board :

  • Assists in the formulation of the School Philosophy and Polices;
  • Composition of  Assists in the preparation of the School Budget and the supervision of the school's financial and administrative operation;
  • Supports the school in practical ways such as ensuring that the school facilities and equipment are maintained;
  • Provides parental input into planning for the future of St. Michael's School;
  • Works in co-operation with the Parent Committee;
  • Develops school/community relationships and encourage home/school interaction;
  • Facilitates the integration of parents and children new to the school;
  • Participates in In-Service programs designed to develop an understanding of the role of the Board. 




Secretary:  Rhett Beere









Tim Stinear


General Board Members:  Jo Whitney, Katrina Wright, Rohan Williamson, Kellie Rogerson, Isla English, Jenny Benbow, Andrew Greco, Angela Kelly.


The Parent Group plays an integral role in our school community. It helps raise much needed funds for the school through various fundraising activities, such as our fete, trivia nights and mango drives.  Parent Group has a community focus involving the pastoral care of the St Michael’s community through promoting the values of the school, welcoming and supporting new families and building networks where together we connect and support each other. The Group also organises social activities throughout the year for parents to meet or catch up.  All our families are most welcome to join the Parent Group.

Committee Members:

Presidents: Estelle Scaife

Secretary: Rebecca Roche
Treasurer: Estelle Scaife
Representative to Board:  

Board Representative:  Angela Bonus
Hall Hire: Maylee Green
Book Club: Fran Quinn                                                                                                                                                   Second Hand Uniform:  Kate Barallon

General Committee:                                                                                                                                                       Vanessa Santalucia, Narelle Metcalf, Clare Catalogna, Laurelle Smith, Angie Allott, Erin Baldwin, Jacelyn Hetherington