Mondo - Kids Teaching Kids

31 October 2019 | General Interest

On Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30 October, 10 Grade six students travelled to Melbourne to represent the SRC group and Recycling with Mondo program at the National Kids Teaching Kids conference. Our 4 Mondo leaders and 6 more friends created a video application in Term 2 for the chance to be a participating school. The Mondo group liked their application so much that they invited these students to create and perform a short environmentally themed play at the Gala Dinner at Melbourne University on Tuesday Night. These 10 students have been busy creating and rehearsing the comical skit they presented at the Gala dinner, along with costumes made out of recyclable items.

Mondo Team

Our Grade 6 Mondo: Kids teaching Kids representatives:

Taj K, Aleisha D, Mitzi H, Abbey V, Lachlan P, Savannah N, Sully R, Emily B, Gaby G, and Samuel C

Kids teaching kids