St Michael's Art Festival

10 October 2019 | General Interest

Art Festival 2019

St Michael's opened up the whole school as an exhibiting space, creating galleries in each learning area for our biennial Arts Festival.

It certainly had a warm community feel and was a lovely way to spend an evening as a family, celebrating the talent and effort of the children in a variety of art forms. This event came from an enthusiastic and vibrant school of children, parents who support and encourage them and staff who embrace the challenge of making something like an Arts Festival magical. 

St Michael's staff members got such a thrill out of watching the children proudly show you their artistic works from this year, celebrating their unique selves. Art making is integral to a child’s development. It has the potential to help improve a student’s memory and concentration, fine motor skills, decision making, critical thinking, communication skills, and encourages focus and direction. An arts education also helps improve self-esteem and social skills. For many, put simply, art makes us feel better!

Art Festival 2019