Welcome to 2019 School Year

20 February 2019 | General Interest

It has been a great beginning for our 66 new little ones in our Foundation Class.  They have settled into school life very easily and each day, they grow more confident in the school setting.  Having them at school all on their own last Thursday proved to be a successful change as the beginning of the day was not as daunting with the other 400 children not coming till Friday.  The little ones were able to venture outside, knowing that they had the whole school to themselves.  By the time the rest of the school community arrived on Friday, they already felt that the school was theirs!  

When Grades 1-6 arrived on Friday morning, it was wonderful to see them all.  It is always great to see the children as they greet their friends as if they have not seen them for a very long time.  Classes settled quickly and the feel of the entire school community is one of calm, enthusiasm to learn, and excitement to all be back together again.  This feeling is certainly one that I don’t take for granted as it reflects a strong sense of community and the warmth and       belonging that we find and we feel at St Michael’s.