The Greatest Show ~ St Michael's School Concert

13 September 2018 | General Interest

St Michael’s held their whole school production last Thursday night.  This production was an opportunity to build community within the school.  Working towards a school concert helps to build a positive self-esteem for the children as well as pride in their achievement.  The experience of being on the big stage and under big lights is an amazing one for them all.


Last Thursday evening St Michael's certainly witnessed what a committed school community looks like.  Our children loved every moment of their own individual performances and showed much joy and enthusiasm for the performances of all the other grade levels. Students and staff loved the night, they loved the feeling of being on the stage, of being an important part of their school.  Their pride was almost tangible when they all gathered together on stage at the end of the night.  It was very moving to stand with all our children and staff, recognising that we all care deeply for each other and for each other’s stories.


The concert experience provided students with the opportunity to engage their minds, the bodies and emotions into a collaborative expression.  They discovered their own voice and were able to grow in confidence in the safety of their own class unit.


The benefits are physical, emotional and social as well as gaining in selfconfidence, cooperation, concentration as well as having lots of fun.