Visual Arts

The St Michael’s students have been busy in Creative Art classes this year! Children are naturally brave thinkers and explorers, and it is an essential aspect of creativity that we let go of any fear of failing or being wrong. Hopefully, when children come to art classes they feel that it is not all about having some special talent, but rather a time that they can explore, play and use their innate creativity, all the while developing fine motor dexterity and problem solving readiness along the way. It has been very impressive to see these enthusiastic young artists work on a range of projects, experimenting with new ideas and creating inspiring pieces with newly learnt skills.

Below are some of the works created by our artists so far this year.

Art pictures

Art Festival!

What a brilliant celebration of our children St Michael's have had this week to finish the term.  Our Arts festival showcased our children’s masterpieces in their learning spaces, as well as providing them with interactive exhibits where they were able to show you their passion for Visual Art.  This year, under the guidance of Pam McKillop, our creative, amazing Art teacher, the entire school worked to provide our families with an event that will hopefully remain in the memory of your children long after they have left St Michael’s. 

The staff, along with their students, created inspiring spaces for you to wander through and the whole staff felt great pride within the children yesterday as they made the final preparations for their families to visit the school.  

Arts Festival Arts Festival
Arts Festival Arts Festival