Physical Education

Physical Education News

It’s been an active and busy time in PE this semester.  Children throughout the school have taken part in various sporting clinics such as soccer, hockey and tennis.  At the end of Term 3, our Grade 6’s attended a two week swimming program.

Just this week Grades 2, 3 and 4’s took part in a clinic lead by coaches from Hockey Victoria. The children learned how to grip the stick and some basic hockey skills such as dribbling, pushing the ball and receiving it.

Mac (2 CH) - ‘I loved the dribbling and turning the ball and I loved playing Octopus’

Ollie (2 CH) – ‘The coaches taught us how to hold the stick. My favourite skill is turning the ball’

We held our highly anticipated ‘Footy Kick Off’ at the end of Term 2, preceding the AFL finals – (commiserations to all our Magpie supporters at the Grand Final!).  Footy day is always a highlight on the sporting calendar. Everyone enjoys dressing up and singing along to their favourite footy team’s song.  People are always so very generous with their donations that help to raise money for a very worthy cause.

This term the PE focus is striking and fielding games. E.g. cricket, hockey, T-Ball, tennis and rounders. We are learning techniques for striking a ball and scoring by running between stumps or around a diamond.  We are also learning fielding skills such as rolling, throwing, catching and stopping.  We’ve been playing games with team mates and competing against other teams within our class groups learning good sportsmanship skills along the way.

We love our sport, love the fun!

Hockey Clinics

Hockey Clinics


Thank you to all the St Michael's community for a wonderful couple of weeks of sport with our School Sports carnival and our Cross Country/Fun Run events. All three days were wonderful celebrations for our school community.

Our sports carnival was held over two days. The field event day ran very smoothly with all the Grade 3 to 6 children competing in the 4 field events of Shot Put, Discus, High Jump and Long Jump.  The next day, the whole school made their way to Edwin Flack Reserve to enjoy a day of fun and activities as they competed in sprint races, relays, long distance running, novelty events, points race and ball games. 

Our Cross country event for Grade 3-6 was held at Akoonah Park, while our fun run for the Juniors was held at school in the afternoon. Long distance running can be a challenge and it was great to see everyone out there and giving it a go. There were some wonderful performances throughout all year levels. Congratulations to all the children who finished in the top 10 in the middle and senior school.  They will go on to represent St Michael’s at the District Cross Country event on May 8th.  We wish them all the best.

Cross Country

Fun Run

On all of our sports days the children were wonderful. There were displays of great sportsmanship, the parent and family support was awesome, the weather was kind to us and the parent helpers were fantastic. Hopefully everyone enjoyed themselves.

Thank you to the children for participating so well and in the true spirit of sportsmanship. Thank you to the teachers, and all the staff for their help over the three days. Thank you to all the supporters and spectators (mums, dads, grandmas, grandpas, etc) who came to watch and cheer the children on.  St Michael’s is very lucky to have such a supportive community.

Most importantly we would like to say a very big thank you to all the parent helpers who helped with field events, ball games and novelty events, running races, walking the children to and from the track, setting up, packing up, toilet runs, cross country marshalls and other jobs here and there.  As with any events we wouldn’t be able to run them without your help. The children and the school are very lucky to have parents who are so generous and giving of their time. 

We would also like to acknowledge the contribution the Saint Francis Xavier college students made to the success of both our school sports day and our cross country event. As always we truly appreciate their help. Not only did their help contribute to the success of the two days, it also helped to build upon the relationship between our two schools.

The winning house this year for our sports carnival was Flack followed by Presentation who came a close second, 

Gallagher were third and Casey fourth.  All teams gave it their best over the two days. 

The winning house this year for our cross country/fun run day was Gallagher followed by Casey who came second. Flack came in third and Presentation fourth. Well done to all teams.


It is a joy to see the parents and grandparents proudly cheering their children on, the look on a little one’s face when they cross the finish line for the very first time, the  determination and courage that some children show as they strive to do better than they have ever done before and the many displays of sportsmanship as children happily cheer for each other and congratulate each other with a pat on the back or a high 5!

We are looking forward to doing it all again next year!!!