Grade Four

Grade 4 students have had an enjoyable start to 2019!   The students are excited to be part of their new learning environment in the Senior Learning Centre and have begun to explore the responsible use of iPads as a Learning Tool, and what this looks like in Grade 4.

They are excited to finally get to be the “older” buddy.   Being the mentor in this role has been a  responsibility that the students were very eager to take on. It has been a great experience getting to know the Grade 2 students. Grade 4 have used their new technology skills to teach their buddies how to design Avatars displaying their own unique gifts and talents. It was fantastic to be able to teach them a skill!

The students are focussing on Journeys of Exploration and have completed some amazing work on their recent discoveries about the world’s oceans and continents.  They have a long list of wonderings that are yet to be uncovered.