Grade Two

The Grade 2 students have been learning about ANZAC Day and its significance within Australian culture.

To enrich the learning experience, the children have had the opportunity to write to current and past serving members of the Army, Navy and Air force. The children have excitedly viewed pictures of these men and women working within their role in Australia and overseas.  It is our hope that the serving members find this experience as equally valuable. This has been a great connection to our visiting veteran Brett Harrison who came in to share stories and military artefacts with the children.  Overall the children have enjoyed the ANZAC Day activities. It has been truly wonderful to see the children really engage in all aspects of this learning!


St Michael's Grade 2 students have been working with our new set of iPads! The children are learning to use them as a tool to help us in Literacy and Numeracy and using QR codes to save their wonderful work.
The students writing Fairytales and publishing them using their new tech skills. 

Grade 2

This term, Grade 2 travelled to Moonlit Sanctuary in Pearcedale to learn more about marsupials and reptiles living within Australia. They had a great time exploring the various habitats and getting up and close with the animals. 

To remember the sacrifices made by past and current serving soldiers, Grade 2 students sent letters and care packages to soldiers currently serving in Afghanistan.

Lest we forget.  

Grade 2 have also been coding and using digital technology to problem solve. They have been exploring 'The Foos' app and using 'Bee Bots'  to follow step-by-step procedures to solve problems using programmable devices.