Grade Two

Term 2 has seen the Grade 2 students embarking on an adventure beyond the school gates to learn about living things.  The children travelled to Moonlit Sanctuary to see a variety of Australian animals in enclosures that replicate their natural habitat. It was the perfect time of year to learn about the life cycles of different animals as there were many babies to be seen. Little joeys poked their heads out of their mother's pouches as the children were feeding the larger kangaroos and wallabies, and little ducklings followed their mothers around the large pond.  The Grade 2s also had a chance to take a closer look at the reptiles in the educational centre and enjoyed patting snakes and lizards.

Grade 2 excursion

Grade 2 excursion  Grade 2 excursion


To remember the sacrifices made by past and current serving soldiers, Grade 2 students sent letters and care packages to soldiers currently serving in Afghanistan.

Lest we forget.  

Grade 2 have also been coding and using digital technology to problem solve. They have been exploring 'The Foos' app and using 'Bee Bots'  to follow step-by-step procedures to solve problems using programmable devices.