Japanese (LOTE)

In Japanese classes children learned cultural aspects including                celebrating Japanese events.

Grade 3 children made a poster for Japanese childrens' day with coloured paper stripes.

Grade 3 Japanese

Grade 4 children folded an origami paper to create a paper samurai helmet and pasted it on another paper where they drew their face.

Grade 3 Japanese

Grade 5 children made a paper carp fish that Japanese people hang up to celebrate childrens' day. They also learned Japanese characters called Kanji.

Grade 4 Japanese

Then they drew a scenery and wrote Kanji characters on their picture as Kanji characters have meanings. Kanji characters of tree, river, mountain, sun and soil were learnt.

Grade 5 Japanese

Grade 6 children spent hours on a ‘Japanese brochure project’. They researched about major cities and tourist destinations to make a brochure.

Grade 6 Japanese