Grade Five

Our Grade 5 children travelled to Sovereign Hill and stayed out at a camp near Creswick.  The students are to be commended for the way they supported each other while away and for the way they made their educators proud.  Thankyou to all parents of these children in the way you had prepared them for their camp.  The camp creates a sense of community and sets the group up well for the rest of the school year.

Sovereign Hill Camp Sovereign Hill Camp

Grade 5 students at St Michael's have been learning about Australian History, in particular, the Gold Rush of the 1850’s. In 3 day camp to the Gold Fields of Ballarat was very helpful as they were able to visit many places in Ballarat and learn a great deal about the wonderful  history of the area. 

Excursion to Shrine of Remembrance

The Grade 5 children were invited to attend a commemorative                                                                        service at the Shrine of RemembraExcursion to Shrine of Remembrancence, Melbourne last Wednesday 4 September.  They were joined by other students in commemorating the sacrifices made by men and women  who have served our country. The keynote address was made by Mr Tom Trumble, who  spoke of Australian troops who served on the island of Timor during 1942-45.  The students laid a floral tribute from our school during the ceremony.

Following the service, students were shown inside the Shrine of Remembrance to view the Shrine Crypt and Galleries of Remembrance. 

The children enjoyed the day immensely and appreciated the solemnity of the service.