Enrolment process at St Michael's Primary School

St Michael’s Primary School is a Catholic co-educational primary school for children in Foundation to Grade 6.  It is recommended that parents take advantage of our school tours before enrolling their child at St Michael's Primary School.

General Enrolment Information

All enrolment applications will be given respectful consideration according to St Michael's Primary School enrolment criteria.

For information regarding enrolments for Foundation or any other year level, contact Administration on 8794 2400 or via email on office@stmberwick.catholic.edu.au.

Please read the St Michael's Enrolment Policy and the Parish Enrolment Policy.

School Tours

School tours are a great way to discover more about St Michael's.  Our tours are lead by our School Leaders and are an opportunity for families to learn about the different areas of the school.

2020 School Tour Dates:

Please join us as we take you on a tour of our school. During the current climate of COVID-19 and the restrictions in place, we are unable to conduct school tours as we know them. We have turned to a 'virtual' tour so that you can walk with us through our doors and gain some understanding of the essence of St. Michael's, our belief in our children and in the work of educating them to their potential. Enrolments close on June 12.

Watch our Virtual School Tour



Orientation sessions for students are a great way for your child to begin to feel comfortable in the St. Michael's Primary School environment.  Foundation students have the opportunity to meet the Foundation staff, visit the classrooms they will be learning in, and have a chance to say hello to their new classmates. 

Sessions are held in Foundation House 

For more information about tours contact the school office on 8794 2400 or email:  office@stmberwick.catholic.edu.au




Fee Schedule 2020

Per Family

          Per Student


School Fee $1820

Foundation - Grade 4 $255

Grade 4:  $150


Grade 5 & 6  $275

Grade 5:  $330

Capital Levy $ 720

Booklist $75

Grade 6:  $690


Enrolment Policy Key Guidelines

St Michael’s Parish enrolment policy has been developed by St. Michael’s Parish Berwick, to reflect enrolment guidelines as developed by the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria.

  • Priority of enrolment must be baptised Catholic children residing within Parish boundaries.
  • Enrolment of a child is dependent upon the capacity of the school to adequately provide for the educational needs of the child.
  • The ability of parents to pay school fees is not a criterion for enrolment.
  • First priority of placement being given to siblings of current or past students at the designated parish school.
  • The child must turn 5 years of age prior to the 30th day of April in the year in which the child commences school.

 St Michael's Primary School welcomes families who live:

Suburbs include:  Berwick (some parts), Harkaway.


St. Michael's Primary School "Parent Handbook" is one of the first and most important resources that our new parents and students have access to. When questions arise, this is the guide to which parents can turn for information or help answer a question.
Our Parent Handbook is a must read for any new parent and a great resource for all parents in helping to just 'know what is going on' at our school.